Since Januray 2011 the group Neuroacoustics is not part of the Carl von Ossietzky University anymore. Prof. Dr. Jesko Verhey is now head of the "Department of Experimental Audiology" at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg.

Note: The last changes on this website are dated before January 2011.

Our workgroup “Neuroakustik” (neuroacoustics) is mainly interested in the processing of acoustical signals by the sensory system in humans and their transformation into neural representations.

The workgroup was formerly known as “Neurosensorik” which is the German translation for neurosensory sciences. The new name is better suited to elucidate which sensory input we are interested in, namely the acoustical input. Recently we also got interested in perception of vibration which is another form of acoustical signal.

In addition, the new name was chosen to avoid confusion with other institutions who also use this name, especially the “Forschungszentrum Neurosensorik” (Research center neurosensory sciences) where members of various workgroups from different institutes participate.

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From left to right:
Björn Lübken, Jesko L. Verhey, Christian Harm Uhlig, Bastian Epp, Sarah Stefanonicz, Wiebke Heeren, Stefan Klockgether, Katrin Meisenbacher, Arne Oetjen, Julian Schiller, Jan Hots and Alice Hofmann

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